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NEWS: On July 30, 2012, Alpine Access announced they were being acquired by Sykes Enterprises, Inc.

Alpine Access connects people who want to make money online offering virtual call center sales and customer services with major companies across the United States and Canada.

Alpine Access' clients include Fortune 1000 companies in the financial services, telecommunications, technology, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality sectors.

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Alpine Access fact sheet

Work where?
Pay by
Pay schedule
Joining fee?
Minimum age
Paid out
Mobile apps
40 U.S. states, Canada
Direct deposit
Employee (5,000+)
Not required
Not required
No ($45 background check fee)
Denver, CO, USA.
$100 million+ in 2011
Not available
Not available

Alpine Access technical requirements

Separate landline?
Corded telephone?
Corded headset?
Windows compatible?
Mac OS X compatible?
High speed internet access?
Windows XP/Vista/7

Visit the Alpine Access Home Office Essentials page for full details.

Alpine Access other requirements

Background check?
Credit check?
Basic certification?
Client certification?
Company incorporation?
Service fee?
Required ($45 upon job offer)
Free training
Free training

Where is Alpine Access available?

Alpine Access is available in Canada and these 40 U.S. states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

How do I make money with Alpine Access?

You'll be answering telephone calls from Alpine Access clients' customers. Typically, customers ask questions about products or services, place orders, or inquire about orders they've already placed.

Some programs may require you to offer alternative or additional products to customers. All calls are inbound. There aren't any outbound telemarketing calls.

Most positions are full-time. Although there are some part-time opportunities available.

Alpine Access agents have reported on Glassdoor.com of earning between $8 and $11 an hour.

The pay is on the low side, but Alpine Access does offer generous employee benefits.

U.S. employee benefits

Canada employee benefits

These are some of the most generous benefits I've seen from a virtual call center.

Alpine Access training

Alpine Access seem quite serious about training their agents to be successful at their jobs.

The training program combines:

  • The duration of training varies by program, but most programs involve 3 to 6 weeks of full-time (40 hours per week) training. You are paid for training and 100% attendance is required.
  • The Support Team of Facilitators, Coaches and Team Leads will assist you throughout your classroom learning, apprenticeship (on-the-job learning), and once you are in full production.

    Other notes

    Alpine Access in the news

    Seeing major news networks run stories on a company is always reassuring. So here are some stories on Alpine Access by major news websites.

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    Alpine Access user comments

    It's hard to tell whether an online job or business opportunity is any good. So I've scoured the internet searching for the most relevant comments by people who've worked for Alpine Access.

    + = positive comment / - = negative comment

    +Alpine Access is a great company to work for, but you will to commit to a schedule, as you will be assigned one that you will need to commit to for a year, at least...Pay won't be that great, but it's stable employment, if you can haggle the hours given to you...Training is PAID, low pay, before and after and they demand the best out of you, but also, for me, that wasn't how they paid you. - WifeMom0708, Jan-05-2012
    +I worked for Alpine Access for 7 years...I loved working for Alpine, I worked for many different clients while I was there, some were seasonal (1800 flowers, Vermont Teddy Bear, My Twinn) and some were longer term. I left b/c I got divorced, and needed a FT job with benefits. - wendilea, Jun-17-2009
    +I worked for Alpine Access, and as a whole the experience was a good one. The pay isn't great (ca. $9.00/hr) but you do get to work from your home, in your pj's if you like (nude on casual Fridays :wink: ). AA pays to train, and pays by the hour, whether you are actually on the phone or not...There are plenty of companies providing this type of employment, but AA is the only one I know of which pays you to train, pays by the hour, not the call, and for whom you are an employee, not a contractor. Heck, they even have benefits (health insurance, 401-k, even company picnics!). - woodnboats, Apr-03-2009
    +I work for them now, i'm still in training for sprint collections and it's about 2 months long...I will say that this is a real job, the scheduling is kind of strict but my trainer is very understanding - sheni11, Jul-15-2008
    +I have been an agent with them for almost three years. This company is by far one of the best companies to work for. They really look out for their agents. - WahmJen, Oct-05-2005

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    Is Alpine Access a scam?

    Here's a summary of what's good and not so good about Alpine Access.

    What's good about Alpine Access

    +5,000+ customer care employees: it's reassuring to know that Alpine Access has over 5,000 customer care work-from-home employees.
    +$100 million+ in revenue: it's reassuring to know that Alpine Access had revenues of over $100 million in 2011.
    +Generous employee benefits: it's good to see that Alpine Access offers generous employee benefits, including health, medical and life insurance, paid time off and holidays, 401(k) plan, and promotional opportunities.
    +Free training: it's good to see that Alpine Access provide all training for free.

    What's not so good about Alpine Access

    -Low pay: it's disappointing that Alpine Access don't offer opportunities to earn a lot more than the standard pay on offer. Having said that, the employee benefits does go some way to making up for the average pay.
    -40 U.S. states: it's disappointing to see that Alpine Access is only available in 40 U.S. states.


    Alpine Access has over 5,000 virtual call center employees in the United States and Canada. They also had revenues of over $100 million in 2011. Alpine Access is legitimate and not a scam.

    I've read many positive comments by current and former work-at-home Alpine Access employees. Yet I don't recall reading a single negative one which is unusual for a virtual call center.

    Overall based on what I've seen and read, I think Alpine Access should definitely be near the top of your list if you want to work from home as an employee virtual call center agent.

    Go make money with Alpine Access

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