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LiveOps is a home-based virtual call center connecting people who want to make money online offering virtual call center sales and customer services with global companies.

LiveOps supports a wide range of industries including financial, health care, insurance, retail and high tech.

LiveOps clients consist of over 250 global companies, including Salesforce.com, Symantec, Amway, ADP and AAA.

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LiveOps fact sheet

Work where?
Pay by
Pay schedule
Joining fee?
Minimum age
Paid out
Mobile apps
United States
Check/direct deposit
Twice a month
Independent contractor (20,000+)
Some jobs require experience
Some jobs require qualifications
No (background & credit check fee)
Santa Clara, CA, USA.
$125M+ ($51M in funding)
Not available
Toll-free: (800) 411-4700

LiveOps technical requirements

Separate landline?
Corded telephone?
Corded headset?
Windows compatible?
Mac OS X compatible?
High speed internet access?
Windows XP/Vista/7

Visit the LiveOps Technical Requirements page for full details.

LiveOps other requirements

Background check?
Credit check?
Basic certification?
Client certification?
Company incorporation?
Service fee?
Required ($50)

Where is LiveOps available?

LiveOps has certified virtual call center agents in the contiguous 48 U.S. states plus Washington D.C., excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

How do I make money with LiveOps?

Here are the types of virtual call center jobs available at LiveOps.

LiveOps in the news

Seeing major news networks run stories on a company is always reassuring. So here are some stories on LiveOps by major news websites.

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LiveOps user comments

It's hard to tell whether an online job or business opportunity is any good. So I've scoured the internet searching for the most relevant comments by people who've worked for LiveOps.

+ = positive comment / - = negative comment

+Having worked with both I would recommend LiveOps if you can pass the credit checkā€¦The reason I say LiveOps over Arise is no contractor fees that saves you $39.50 a month. You never have to pay for training plus you do not have to incorporate which costs you more money. Also in my experience there are far less technical issues at LiveOps and you get answers to your questions quicker. - Chloes_Mommy, Oct-06-2011
+I have been with them for 5 yrs. I love it. You schedule yourself, and only need to work one 30 min commit every 42 days to remain an active agent...Summer time is the slowest time of the year, so you won't be making as much during summer as you can other times of the year...Busiest time to work are weekends, late night and early morning ... think of when infomercials run and thats when the call volume is. - SD19565, Jun-27-2011
-I worked for them for a very short time....I didn't like it at all....I did outbound sales...Basically they had called previously to order something they'd seen on an infomercial, but for whatever reason they didn't order so I was calling them back to offer them a special deal.....if you got them to agree to order all of a sudden all of these other offers would pop up and you'd have to offer them those, they'd say no and then another and another and another it was endless....I felt like an annoying solicitor and it's not at all what I wanted to do. - JeanneF78, Jun-27-2011
+I have worked for liveops for 3 years and yes there are people who make over $4000.00 a month on there, now in order to make that kind of money you are putting in about 10 hours a day, so unless you can do that DON"T expect to make that type of money right away...I average 500.00 per check that is bi weekly and I do it on weekends a maybe 2 nights a week. - gabbigirl1, Mar-16-2011
+I have worked with LiveOps for 3 years now. Yes, you choose your own schedule. Yes, you get paid per talking minute. And Yes, I stand behind LiveOps and truly enjoy the work. - WAHONLY, May-22-2009

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Is LiveOps a scam?

Here's a summary of what's good and not so good about LiveOps.

What's good about LiveOps

+20,000+ LiveOps agents: it's reassuring to know that there are over 20,000 LiveOps independent contractors.
+$51 million in funding: it's reassuring to know that LiveOps has raised $51 million in funding.
+$125 million+ in revenue: it's reassuring to know that LiveOps had revenues of over $125 million in 2011, although it's impossible to verify because they're a private company.
+Respectable pay: it's good to see that you can earn $13 to $30 per hour with LiveOps which is pretty good in this industry.
+Work when you want: it's good to know that you can schedule your time around 30 minute blocks to fit your lifestyle.
+Fortune 500 clients: it's reassuring to see major companies such as Salesforce.com, Symantec, Amway, ADP and AAA hire LiveOps agents.
+BBB rated A+: it's reassuring to know that LiveOps is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business and is rated A+.

What's not so good about LiveOps

-$50 background and credit check fee: it's disappointing to see that you could be out of pocket by $50 if you fail the background or credit check.


Overall based on what I've seen and read, I like LiveOps a lot!

LiveOps has a whopping $51 million in funding and major clients, including Salesforce.com, Symantec, Amway, ADP and AAA. LiveOps is legitimate and definitely not a scam.

LiveOps is giving over 20,000 independent contractors the opportunity to make extra money part-time and even full-time working from home.

There's very little downside to LiveOps. The pay is respectable. The company is well funded. It has 320 professionals supporting you. It has major clients. You can work from home. There's a training program. What more do you want?

I think LiveOps is definitely worth a look if you're looking to make some extra money or even a full-time income working from home.

Go make money with LiveOps


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