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TaskRabbit is a mobile and online marketplace for errands connecting people who want to make money with local people and businesses who gladly pay for help with everyday errands and tasks.

Did you know... top TaskRabbits earn almost $5,000 a month doing errands and tasks in their neighborhood, according to Leah Busque, TaskRabbit's Founder?

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TaskRabbit fact sheet

Work where?
Pay by
Pay schedule
Joining fee?
Minimum age
Paid out
Mobile apps
9 U.S. cities
Online & outdoor
Minimum $25
Independent contractor (2,000+ *)
Some jobs require experience
Some jobs require qualifications
San Francisco, CA, USA.
$10.5M+ (9,000+ tasks/month *)
$24.7M in funding
help@taskrabbit.com, support page
* Source: TechCrunch, Dec. 13, 2011

Where is TaskRabbit available?

TaskRabbit is currently available in nine U.S. cities.

And coming soon to these three U.S. cities.

How do I make money with TaskRabbit?

You make money with TaskRabbit doing tasks and running errands such as:

Actual completed tasks and payment:

TaskRabbit in the news

Seeing major news networks run stories on a company is always reassuring. So here are some stories on TaskRabbit by major news websites.

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TaskRabbit user comments

It's hard to tell whether an online job or business opportunity is any good. So I've scoured the internet searching for the most relevant comments by people who've used TaskRabbit.

+ = positive comment / - = negative comment

+My tasks were done at a reasonable price and the people who helped were very very professional and prompt. I would totally use this service again. - Skye W., San Fran., CA, Yelp, Feb-11-2012
-He always posts that it's four loads of laundry and every time I did his laundry it filled 10 or 15 double loading washers. It was a mountain of laundry and it was all covered in cat diarrhea. - Business Insider, Dec-07-2011
-It was a waste of money. I will never use them again. - George K., San Fran., CA, Yelp, Oct-10-2011
+We have used them and had good experiences. - emcicle, Jul-29-2011
+I've used them three times, in different modes, with success each time...I'd totally recommend them. - nathanw, Jul-24-2011

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Is TaskRabbit a scam?

Here's a summary of what's good and not so good about TaskRabbit.

What's good about TaskRabbit

+$10.5M+ paid out: it's reassuring to know TaskRabbit has already paid out $10.5 million to TaskRabbit workers.
+9,000+ tasks/month: it's reassuring to know TaskRabbit are processing over 9,000 tasks per month, so there's plenty of work if you want it.
+35+ employees: it's reassuring to know TaskRabbit has a team of over 35 professionals supporting the company.
+$24.7M in funding: it's reassuring to know that TaskRabbit has raised $24.7 million over five rounds of funding which suggests the business is a solid one.
+Positive user comments: it's reassuring to read the many very favorably comments by people who've used TaskRabbit.
+Featured in major news networks: it's always reassuring to see major news networks run stories on a company and TaskRabbit has been featured in many.
+Worker review system: the review system allows customers to give feedback on work done.

What's not so good about TaskRabbit

-9 U.S. cities only: TaskRabbit is currently only available in nine U.S. cities.
-No insurance protection: it would be nice if TaskRabbit organized insurance to protect its workers and customers in cases when things go wrong.
-Low pay: some people may not like the low pay being offered but it's up to you whether or not it's good enough for you.
-Negative user comment: it's disappointing to read that some customers and workers have had poor experiences with TaskRabbit.
-Claims of excessive fees: some customers and workers have claimed that TaskRabbit sometimes charges a lot more than the advertised average 15% fee.


TaskRabbit is not a scam. TaskRabbit has $24.7M in funding, paid over $10.5 million to its workers and has been around since 2008. It's legitimate and definitely not a scam.

TaskRabbit is helping thousands of under-employed and unemployed people make some extra money and even a full-time income doing everyday tasks and errands.

It has a few drawbacks with no insurance protection for workers or customers, low pay, and currently only available in nine U.S. cities.

The majority of customer and worker comments are overwhelmingly positive, but there are also a few who's experience has not been so great.

Whether you find hire someone via TaskRabbit, Craigslist or the Yellow Pages, there'll always be many good but also some not-so-good operators. The good thing about TaskRabbit is that it has a rating system to reward the good and weed out the bad apples over time.

Overall based on what I've seen and read, I like TaskRabbit a lot. Backed by a growing team of professionals and plenty of funding, TaskRabbit offers a legitimate way to make money online.

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