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VIPdesk give people the opportunity to make money online as virtual call center customer service professionals (known as "Brand Ambassadors") for major companies across the United States, Canada and UK.

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VIPdesk fact sheet

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Minimum age
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36 U.S. states, Canada, UK
Direct deposit
Employee (1,200+)
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Alexandria VA, USA.
$22.4 million+ in 2010
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Not available

VIPdesk technical requirements

Separate landline?
Corded telephone?
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Windows compatible?
Mac OS X compatible?
High speed internet access?
Windows XP/Vista/7

Visit the VIPdesk Frequently Asked Questions page for full details.

VIPdesk other requirements

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Free training
Free training

Where is VIPdesk available?

VIPdesk is available in Canada, UK and these 36 U.S. states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

How do I make money with VIPdesk?

At a member of the VIPdesk work-at-home virtual team, you'll be providing Virtual Contact Center, Concierge Services, and Loyalty Programs.

VIPdesk agents have reported on Glassdoor.com of earning between $8 and $10 an hour.

Here are the pay rates for two jobs VIPdesk is currently advertising:

  • Hours are flexibility. You may set your hours around your schedule which may include daytime, evenings, weekends, part-time hours, or full flex scheduling.
  • VIPdesk employee benefits

    VIPdesk also offer the following employee benefits:

    VIPdesk training

    VIPdesk interactive training is delivered live in a virtual classroom, led by a trainer. You are paid during the training which ranges from two to five weeks.

    No jobs available?

    When I first visited VIPdesk, there were no jobs available. I returned a few days later and saw ads for two companies.

    So don't worry if you don't see any jobs advertised when you visit VIPdesk. Sign up to job alerts from VIPdesk and you'll be notified when new jobs become available.

    VIPdesk in the news

    Seeing major news networks run stories on a company is always reassuring. So here are some stories on VIPdesk by major news websites.

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    VIPdesk user comments

    It's hard to tell whether an online job or business opportunity is any good. So I've scoured the internet searching for the most relevant comments by people who've worked for VIPdesk.

    + = positive comment / - = negative comment

    +I am a contractor for VIPdesk, and I LOVE it!!! I am a Brand Ambassador for a designer, high fashion client, and they also have a more casual fashion client and a concierge client. The training is fairly hard, in that it's 10 days of training on both their policies and their software, but they also do offer a $150 bonus for completing the training. The pay is darn reasonable. The people are VERY supportive. I would highly recommend this job any day! - FaithfulWifeCJ, Jul-17-2007
    +I work for VIP desk and love it. I've worked for them for a little over a year. Doing customer service work. Pay is $10.00 and hour. - gottahaveagoat, Nov-03-2008
    +I work for VIPDesk as a Brand Amabassador so far it is good. I would normally be on PC at night doing nothing making no money. But now i take calls for a major catalog brand as a Customer Service Rep it is really cool to do from Home. - Tiffanysogood, May-13-2010

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    Is VIPdesk a scam?

    Here's a summary of what's good and not so good about VIPdesk.

    What's good about VIPdesk

    +1,200+ Brand Ambassadors: it's reassuring to know that VIPdesk has over 1,200 employee customer service professionals.
    +$22.4 million+ in revenue: it's reassuring to know that VIPdesk had revenues of over $22.4 million in 2010.
    +Generous employee benefits: it's good to see that VIPdesk offers generous employee benefits, including medical and life insurance, paid vacation and holidays, 401(k) plan, and performance incentives.
    +Free training: it's good to see that VIPdesk provide all training for free.

    What's not so good about VIPdesk

    -Low pay: it's disappointing that VIPdesk don't offer opportunities to earn a lot more than the standard pay on offer. Having said that, the employee benefits does go some way to making up for the average pay.
    -40 U.S. states: it's disappointing to see that VIPdesk is only available in 36 U.S. states.


    VIPdesk has 1,200 Brand Ambassadors and revenues of over $22.4 million in 2010 according to Inc.com.

    VIPdesk is another virtual call center often quoted in the media as legitimate work from home opportunities. VIPdesk is legitimate and not a scam.

    All the VIPdesk comments I've read were positive. People seem very excited to join VIPdesk. I can only assume it's because they have a good reputation.

    Overall based on what I've seen and read, I think you should seriously consider VIPdesk if you want to a job as an employee virtual call center agent.

    Go make money with VIPdesk

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