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Do you know how to make money online with blogging jobs? What are blogging jobs? Are all blogging jobs scams? How much money can you make with blogging jobs? Read on for all the answers.

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Blogging jobs quick facts

Work where?
Pay by
Joining fee?
Minimum age
Paid-per-post / monthly rate
$4 to $100 per article
Independent contractor
Some blogs require experience
Some blogs require in-depth knowledge

What are blogging jobs?

Blogging typically involves writing relatively short 100 to 500 word articles on a given topic, on a regular basis, typically daily.

Some websites require longer articles, as long as 800 to 1,000 words.

Blogging jobs are jobs where you're employed by a company to blog on their behalf.

Don't confuse "blogging jobs" with "making money blogging". Making money blogging is where you write your own blog and make money by selling ads and promoting products on your blog. I'll show you how to do this in future articles.

Blogging vs writing

Blogging is writing. But there are some differences:

What do people blog about?

People blog about every topic you can imagine.

Here are some sample blog ads I've seen:

So no matter what your passion is, there's probably a blogging job for you.

Other benefits of blogging

Aside from earning an income, there are other benefits to blogging.

These include:

You'll find that some of the well known blogs may pay a bit less. But being associated with their name can offer all sorts of additional benefits you probably never thought of. ;-)

Some interesting mom blogger stats

I came across this Mom Bloggers infographic (PDF) by Scarborough Research while writing this article.

Here are a few interesting mom blogger facts from the findings:

Did you know... the average annual household income for mom bloggers is $84,000 ($14,000 higher than all moms)?

Did you know... 14% of all American moms (about 3.9 million moms) are mom bloggers?

Did you know... the average mom blogger is 37 years old?

Did you know... 89% of mom bloggers have children between 2 and 11 years of age?

Are you a mom? Are you surprised there are so many moms blogging online? Why don't you join the growing army of mom bloggers?

Are all online blogging jobs scams?

I did a lot of research on this topic. And here's the conclusion I came to...

Blogging jobs are a legitimate way to make money online.

Companies offering blogging jobs don't charge for applications. If you come across blogging jobs that require payment for applying or more information, run the other way! :-)

If you have any opinions or experiences with blogging jobs, please post your comments at the bottom of this page.

How much money can you make with blogging jobs?

2 types of blogging pay rates

I looked at the BloggingPro.com job board ads and noticed 2 common blogging job pay structures.

Other blogging pay rates

There are 2 additional blogging pay rates I want you to be aware of:

These pay structures might sound tempting in theory.

But in reality most articles generate very little traffic. I've read many complaints by bloggers who only made only a few dollars for an article.

These aren't blogging job pay rates in my opinion. A job should mean a guaranteed rate of pay for each article accepted.

These blogging pay rates fall into the "online business opportunities" category for me.

If this type of opportunity appeals to you, read the Freelance Writing Jobs lesson for more information.

So I'd suggest staying away from these pay structures unless you're confident you can write articles that attract a lot of readers.

Small blogs vs big blog networks

You might be surprised to find that small blogs often pay much better than the big blog and crowd sourced content networks.

For example, Examiner.com pay $1 + $1 to $7.50 per thousand page views. Demand Studios, which owns eHow.com, pay $15 to $25 per article.

Compare that to $20 to $40 per article many blogs pay, to as much as $100 per article that some blogs pay.

Top 6 blogging job tips

These tips are for you if your knowledge of blogging is limited.

Here are my top 6 tips, if you're interested in getting hired as a blogger.

  1. Learn what makes a good blog post: the first thing I'd suggest you do is learn what blog employers are looking for.

    To do this I'd suggest you:

    • follow the most popular blogs: it's always good to study the best. So sign up to the most popular blogs.

      Here's Technorati.com's top 100 blogs.

      Follow some of them. Study the style of writing. Work out why you click on certain headlines and not others.

    • follow blogs in the market you want to write for: go to Bing.com or Google.com and conduct these two searches:
      • 'your niche + blog': for example, if you're interested in gardening, search for 'gardening blog'. This will return a list of gardening blogs.
      • 'top + your niche + blogs': for example, 'top gardening blogs'. This will return a list of webpages that contain a list top gardening blogs.

      Follow some of them. Study them. Work out what topics are popular in that specific market.

  2. Test to see if you've got what it takes: if you're truly passionate about the market you want to cover, you should be able to come up with 50 topics in an hour.

    If you struggle to come up with 50 topics to write about, then you might want to rethink getting a job as a blogger.

  3. Learn how to edit a blog: if you've never blogged before, it'd be a good idea to learn to how edit a blog.

    The best way to do this is to play around with the most popular blogging system available: WordPress.

    WordPress.org is the version you host on your server. Don't worry about that.

    Sign up to WordPress.com, the hosted version.

    Play around with the functions. Add, edit and delete some posts. Get a feel for how things work.

    Don't worry, you won't break anything. Even if you do, it doesn't matter. Just sign up to another account. Haha! :-)

    If you get a blogging job, you may or may not use WordPress. Whatever system you use, it won't be too different from WordPress.

  4. Google AdWords Keyword Tool: use this free online tool to help you:
    • find out how many local (country) and global searches a search term receives: useful for finding the best keyword phrases to use in your blog titles and articles.

      Why? Because you want to get ranked in search engines for search terms your readers actually search for, right?

      What's the point in blogging if no one reads your blog?

    • find popular blog topics: for example, search for 'gardening' and Google returns the following 'Ad group ideas':
      • garden supplies
      • garden design
      • vegetable garden
      • garden bed
      • home & garden
      • ideas
      • planning
      • container gardening
      • small garden
      • herb garden

      The ad groups expand to reveal a list of popular search terms related to the ad group. Again, useful for finding topics to write about and keywords to use in your blog titles and articles.

  5. Learn from successful bloggers: one of the best known bloggers is fellow Aussie Darren Rowse.

    Darren's ProBlogger blog has been around for years and offers lots of useful tips and advice on how to make money blogging.

  6. Start today: I'm sure all successful bloggers would agree with me.

    The truth is your first few attempts won't be much good. You'll make mistakes. That's fine. You'll learn with every blog post.

    There's never a perfect time to start blogging. Just do it!

    If you wait for the right time, you'll never become a blogger. This is true no matter what you want to find success with in life.

    What are you waiting for? Go do it! :-)

Top 2 blogging job boards

Here are my top 2 blogging job boards for finding blogging jobs:

  1. ProBlogger Job Board: offer about 40 to 50 blogging job ads going back a month at the time of writing.

    The majority of the ads are for bloggers or by blog networks. The rest are by individual blogs or for writers.

    ProBlogger is a popular website offering tips to help bloggers make money blogging.

  2. BloggingPro Job Board: offer about 50 blogging job ads going back a month at the time of writing.

    About half the ads are for bloggers. The rest are for copywriters and editors.

    About 40% of jobs are paid per post, 40% pay a hourly rate, and 20% pay a monthly rate.

    BloggingPro, founded in 2004, offers news, tips and reviews on blogging themes, plugins, software and books.

Top 3 job search engines

Here are my top 3 job search engines that gather blogging jobs from around the internet.

Job search engines typically include blogging jobs found in freelancing websites, which blogging job boards don't usually show.

  1. Simply Hired: shows over 300 blogger jobs at the time of writing.

    You can refine the results by estimated salary, title, company, location, job type and employer/recruiter.

  2. Indeed: shows over 85 blogger jobs at the time of writing.

    You can refine the results by estimated salary, title, company, location, job type and employer/recruiter.

  3. FlexJobs: shows over 60 blogger jobs at the time of writing.

    You can refine the results by category or job type.

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