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Do you know how to make money online with online teaching jobs? What are online teaching jobs? Are all online teaching jobs scams? How much money can you make with online teaching jobs? Read on for all the answers.

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Online teaching jobs quick facts

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Minimum age
$10-60 per hour
PayPal, check, direct deposit
Independent contractor
Some companies require experience
Some companies require qualifications

What are online teaching jobs?

Online teaching jobs allow tutors to help students learn or improve their knowledge in a particular subject using online methods of communication.

These online communication methods include:

Online teaching jobs vs online tutoring jobs

In this article, I use "online teaching jobs" and "online tutoring jobs" as meaning the same thing: live online jobs where teachers/tutors teach/tutor students using video, audio, whiteboards, etc.

I don't cover websites that only offer "homework help" jobs. These are jobs where students post questions and teachers get paid per answer or in some cases only get paid if their answer is selected as the best answer.

Online tutoring subjects

Online tutoring can cater to virtually any subject. But for this article I'm mainly concentrating on online tutoring companies that offer the main academic K-12 subjects and exam/test preparation.

These include:

Educational requirements

Educational requirements vary between online tutoring companies and courses. Many require their tutors to have a Master's or Bachelor's degree. Some courses require a doctoral degree. Many also require a teaching license and/or experience.

Some even allow college and high school students to advertise their services. Yup, kids teaching kids. What a great way to earn pocket money or help pay for your university education! :-)

Some online tutoring companies provide training.

Online tutoring technology requirements

To teach online you need to have some or all of the following equipment:

What are the hours like?

Many online tutoring companies operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is to cater to students no matter where they live around the world.

Some online tutoring companies require you to work scheduled shifts. For these you're paid whether you spend time with a student or not.

Other websites offer what is basically a yellow pages of tutors. You post your profile, set your hourly rate, and wait for students to request a lesson.

You pay either a percentage of earnings or a fixed per session transaction fee to the website.

Some companies offer on-demand online tutoring services. There's no need to set appointments.

Are online teaching jobs suitable for everyone?

Online teaching jobs are suitable if you:

Are all online online teaching jobs scams?

I did a lot of research on this topic. And here's the conclusion I came to...

Online teaching jobs are a legitimate way to make money online.

Companies offering online teaching jobs don't charge for applications. If you come across online teaching jobs that require payment for applying or more information, run the other way! :-)

If you have any opinions or experiences with online teaching jobs, please post your comments at the bottom of this page.

How much money can you make with online teaching jobs?

I've seen online teaching jobs pay anywhere from $10 to as high as $60 an hour, which is what one online tutoring company told me. However, pay is mostly in the $10 to $15 per hour range.

It won't make you rich. But compared to other online jobs, online teaching offers above average pay.

The great thing about online teaching jobs is the flexibility it offers.

You can work full or part-time. Some online tutoring companies offer pre-scheduled hours. While others let you choose the hours you want to work.

There are plenty of full and part-time online teaching jobs. Why? Because there are millions of kids struggling with their school work.

However there are thousands of online tutors so there's plenty of competition for students. You'll have to sell yourself and build up your reputation. Many do so by offering free first lessons.

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