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Here are 5 online teaching jobs available in the UK.

At the bottom of the page are links to online teaching jobs available worldwide, in the United States, India, Canada and Australia.

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What's a CRB check?

The CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) is an executive agency of the UK Home Office.

A CRB check helps employers in England and Wales make safer recruitment decisions, especially for roles involving children or vulnerable adults.

There are two types of Criminal Records Bureau checks:

The online tutoring company you're applying to will tell you what level you'll need to apply for.

You'll find that a CRB check is a requirement by all responsible UK based online tutoring companies.

Visit the Home Office Criminal Records Bureau webpage for more information.

If you live in Scotland you can get a Disclosure Scotland check.

5 UK online teaching jobs

  1. Tute: is an online marketplace offering UK qualified and vetted teachers available to teach online or face2face in a student's home.


    • You set your hourly rates.
    • All activity on the system is recorded for safety.


    • £5 transaction fee per session.
    • Criminal Records Bureau check.

    Subjects taught:

    • Foundation: Numeracy, Literacy.
    • Primary: Maths, English, Science, etc.
    • Secondary: Maths, English, Science, Accounting, Music, etc.
    • Further education: Specialist tutoring.
  2. Purelearn: provides an online marketplace where students can interact live with fully qualified and experienced UK teachers.

    Lessons are delivered online using the Purelearn internet-based classroom. It offers video, audio and interactive whiteboard.

    Tutors with original copies of references, qualifications and existing Criminal Records Bureau check can join within 24 hours. Other tutors will take 28 days.

    Purelearn is a new company having just launched beginning of 2012.


    • You set your hourly rates.
    • Able to teach up to 5 students at once.
    • Flexible hours.


    • 20% transaction fee.
    • Criminal Records Bureau check.

    Subjects taught:

    • Maths, English.
    • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
    • Geography, History.
    • Art, Design & Technology.
    • Business Studies.
    • Drama, Music.
    • French, German, Italian, Spanish, Irish, Welsh.
  3. Tutorhub:


    • You set your hourly rates: you're paid per minute.


    • 25% transaction fee.
    • PayPal account.
    • Criminal Records Bureau check.

    Subjects taught:

    • Maths.
    • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
    • English: Language, Literature.
    • Languages: French , German, Italian, Latin, Spanish.
    • ICT.
    • Humanities: Art, History, Law, Religious Studies.
    • Social Sciences: Business Studies, Economics, General Studies, Geography, Psychology, Sociology.
  4. The Tutor Crowd: offer an online platform for UK based tutors to offer one-to-one online tuition to students from age 7 to undergraduates.

    Tutors and students can use live webcam, audio, interactive whiteboard, document sharing and screen sharing.


    • You set your hourly rate: minimum £29, of which you're paid £20.


    • Pay 30% commission to The Tutor Crowd.
    • University degree.
    • Minimum of 2 years tutoring experience.
    • Online interview.
    • Computer, Skype, web-cam, headset/speakers and a microphone.

    Subjects taught:

    • English, Maths, Accounting.
    • Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
    • Business Studies, Economics, Law, Politics.
    • Astronomy, Geography, History.
    • Computing, Information and Communication Technology.
    • English as a Foreign Language, English for Speakers of Other Languages.
    • French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish.
    • Psychology, Religious Studies.
  5. Fleet Tutors: has matched over 100,000 students with over 20,000 local, private tutors throughout the UK. Fleet Tutors also provide live online tutoring in the UK and internationally.


    • 2.1 degree or higher and/or have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).
    • Current Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check that is less than 3 years old.
    • Two references: one work, one character.

    Subjects taught:

    • Maths, English.
    • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
    • Geography, History.
    • Languages: French, German, Spanish, Latin and many more.
    • Music, Study Skills.
    • 7+, 11+, 13+.
    • Over 200 other subjects. Wow!

Other UK online teaching jobs

I wrote to the following UK online tutoring companies requesting more information about their online teaching jobs.

I am still waiting for a reply after five days of waiting. So I can only assume they might be out of business. Or that's an indication of their customer service. Either way, not good.

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