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Online Teaching Jobs Worldwide

Here are 4 online teaching jobs available worldwide.

At the bottom of the page are links to online teaching jobs available in the United States, UK, India, Canada and Australia.

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4 online teaching jobs worldwide

Worldwide online teaching jobs mean you can work anywhere in the world so long as you can connect to the internet. Cool! :-)

  1. 24HourAnswers.com: provide live online tutoring and homework help to students of all levels, but specialize in college and graduate-level students.

    24HourAnswers.com is based in New York. It has been BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited since 2005 and rated A+.


    • $20 to $40 an hour.


    • College education.

    Subjects taught:

    • Administration, Architecture, Medicine.
    • Anthropology, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Sociology.
    • Business, Law, Government and Politics, Public Speaking.
    • Computer Science, Engineering.
    • Geography, History.
    • High School Subjects, Math, English, Science, Languages, Physical Sciences, Sports Science (P.E.), Exam Prep.
    • Media Studies, Music, Theater, Writing.
  2. Rayku: offer live, on-demand Math tutoring via shared online whiteboard, video, audio, and Math equation writer tools.

    Rayku have only just recently launched. Hence they only have 200 tutors and delivered about 500 sessions.


    • You set your own by the minute rates: tutors earn an average of $24 an hour (after paying 25% commission), according to Rayku.
    • Work whenever you like.
    • Private tutors in North America with more than 10 active students get these additional benefits:
      • Zero fees: you keep 100% of what you charge. Nice! :-)
      • Level 2 status which ranks you higher and helps you gain more exposure to students.


    • University degree or attending university/college.
    • Work 3 to 4 sessions for free before you can start charging students.

    Subjects taught:

    • Math.
  3. Smarthinking: is owned by Pearson Plc, a publicly traded company on the New York AND London stock exchange! Wow!

    Pearson has over 37,000 employees and revenues of £5.8 billion in 2011.

    Pearson is a global publisher and education company. It owns Penguin, Dorling Kindersley, Ladybird and the Financial Times.

    I think it's safe to say Pearson is a legitimate company, hence Smarthinking as well. :-)


    • $11 to $13 per hour according to Glassdoor.com.
    • Most tutors are paid an hourly wage irrespective of student usage.
    • Paid training: Smarthinking certification is an online, discipline specific training program lasting 10 to 15 hours.


    • Teaching/tutoring experience.
    • Advanced degree.
    • Minimum of 8 to 10 hours per week, depending on the subject.
    • Smarthinking do hire tutors outside of the U.S., but a U.S. based bank account is required.
    • Some jobs require a teaching certificate.

    Subjects taught:

    • Writing, Reading.
    • Maths, Science.
    • Business.
    • English for Speakers of Other Languages, Spanish.
    • Nursing and Allied Health.
    • Computers and Technology.
  4. BuddySchool: is an online platform connecting students with online tutors.

    Online tutors can add a listing advertising their services. Students can search the database of online tutors and select the tutor that suits their needs and budget.

    The BuddySchool software takes care of scheduling and invoicing. Students and teachers can rate their experiences after every lesson.

    BuddySchool has over 18,000 teachers at the time of writing. Wow!

    To help stand out from the crowd, you can:

    • offer a free test lesson.
    • build up your teacher score to improve your ranking.
    • buy a Sponsored Listing: your ad is displayed throughout the website. You set the price you're willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Be careful because the costs could add up fast!
    • buy a Highlighted Listing: make your regular listing stand out from the rest on the page for $10 per month.


    • You set your hourly rate.
    • No listing or transaction fees.
    • Advertise your listing with Sponsored Listings or Highlighted Listings.
    • You can sell copies of educational content you created.


    • Skype, MS Messenger, or Google Talk installed on your computer to communicate with students.

    Subjects taught:

    • Arts & Crafts.
    • Body & Mind.
    • Business.
    • English.
    • Humanities.
    • Languages.
    • Math.
    • Science.

Other worldwide online teaching jobs

I wrote to the following online tutoring companies requesting more information about their online teaching jobs.

I am still waiting for a reply after five days of waiting. So I can only assume they might be out of business. Or that's an indication of their customer service. Either way, not good.

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