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Do you know how to make money online with usability testing jobs? Are all usability testing jobs scams? How much money can you make with usability testing jobs? Read on for all the answers.

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Usability testing jobs quick facts

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$2 to $20+ per test
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What are usability testing jobs?

Usability testing jobs are where you provide valuable feedback and complete tasks as you use websites, web applications, mobile applications and software programs. This helps developers improve their website or application.

Usability testing jobs can be carried out just about anywhere in the world which makes it an ideal work from home opportunity.

Technical requirements

Here are the typical technical requirements:

What do you give feedback on?

You'll provide feedback on things such as:

You may have to complete tasks

In usability testing you'll often be required to complete tasks, such as:

Do I need any formal training?

Nope. In fact clients prefer ordinary people who have no knowledge of usability to get feedback from real-world users.

How long do tests take?

Usability tests typically require about 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

Are there many usability testing jobs available?

Yes, there are. However, there are also many usability testers competing for the same jobs.

Are all online usability testing jobs scams?

I did a lot of research on this topic. And here's the conclusion I came to...

Usability testing jobs are a legitimate way to make money online.

Companies offering usability testing jobs don't charge for applications. If you come across usability testing jobs that require payment for applying or more information, run the other way! :-)

If you have any opinions or experiences with usability testing jobs, please post your comments at the bottom of this page.

How much money can you make with usability testing jobs?

Usability testing jobs typically pay between $5 and $10 per test. A usability test typically takes 10 to 20 minutes.

Usability testing is not full time or even part time work. It's a way to make a few bucks in your spare time.

Compared to other online jobs, usability testing pays way above average.

The two great things about usability testing jobs is that you can do it from anywhere in the world, and you don't need any qualifications or formal training.

5 factors that'll affect how much you earn

  1. The number of usability testing websites you sign to: you'll likely to get no more than a few usability jobs a week from a website, so I suggest you sign up to as many websites as possible to increase your chances of receiving usability testing jobs.
  2. The pay you receive per accepted test.
  3. Number of usability testers in a usability testing website's database.
  4. Your demographics: you'll receive work opportunities when your demographic profile matches the target audience of the website/application being tested.
  5. The quality of your feedback: provide valuable feedback, act like a typical user, think out loud, find things that are confusing.

Payment types

Most of the usability testing companies I came across pay testers via PayPal.

If you don't know what PayPal is or don't have a PayPal account, visit PayPal.com for more information.

My top 4 usability testing job tips

Based on what I've read and seen, here are my top four tips on how to make money with usability testing jobs.

  1. Watch sample usability test videos and summaries to see if usability testing is for you: I've included links to several usability test videos and summaries further down this page.
  2. Sign up with as many usability testing websites as possible: you'll make between $2 and $20+ per accepted test.

    The problem is there are so many testers that you'll receive no more than a handful of test invitations a month from each website.

    So I suggest you sign up with as many usability testing websites as possible.

    The more usability testing websites you sign up with, the more jobs you'll likely be offered, and the more money you'll likely to earn.

  3. Convert idle time into cash: if you think you don't have time for usability testing jobs, think again.

    Here are some periods during the day that you could convert into cash completing usability testing jobs.

    • During lunch and coffee breaks.
    • If you get a lift to and from work.
    • While you're doing a #2 on the toilet. Haha! :-)
    • While you're having your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    • While you're traveling on a bus, train or taxi.
    • While you're waiting at the airport.
    • While you're waiting for a bus, train or taxi.
    • While you're waiting for food to cook.
    • While you're waiting for a movie to start.
    • While you're waiting for your kids to finish school.
    • While you're waiting for your lift.
    • While you're waiting in the doctor's or dentist's waiting room.
    • While you're watching TV.
    • While your baby is having a nap.
    • While you're waiting for the paint to dry. Haha! :-)
    • While you're waiting for the next lesson from Michael Wong Academy. :-)

    You'd obviously need access to a laptop, iPad/tablet or mobile phone to access the usability testing jobs in many of these situations.

  4. Some things worth noting:

  5. How to be a great usability tester:
    • Reply promptly to job invitations and accept tests to ensure you get the opportunity.
    • Say clearly what you're thinking as you're thinking it. Clients are interested in your thoughts, impressions, expectations, and motivations for your actions.
    • Provide constructive feedback to help the website developers improve their website.
    • Follow instructions closely and complete the tasks as instructed. It'll reduce your chances of the client requesting a refund.
    • Write a clear written summary and give precise answers to questions about your experience.
    • Build up your tester scores by doing the best job you can. Usability testers with higher ratings receive more job invitations.

Sample usability test videos and summaries

Take a look at these sample usability test videos and written summaries to find out what usability testing jobs involve.

Suggested usability testing jobs

Here are 7 usability testing jobs worth checking out.

  1. UserTesting.com: provides user feedback on websites and mobile applications by recording a video with their online screen recorder.

    The online screen recorder records what's happening on your screen - mouse movements, clicks and keystrokes - and your spoken comments while you use the website you're testing.

    No webcam is required. Your face is never recorded. Good news for those who're a bit shy. :-)

    A job consists of a 15 to 20 minute recording and answers to four written questions.

    As with all usability testing companies, you won't get paid if a client asks for a refund. However, according to UserTesting.com this is rare, it happens less than 1% of the time.

    UserTesting.com's customers include some major companies, including Google, Twitter, CNN, and Sony. They've also received a lot of media coverage, including MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.


    • $10 per accepted test feedback.
    • Accepts usability testers worldwide.


    • At least 18 years old.
    • Windows XP/Vista/7 PC or Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
    • Recent web browser.
    • Broadband internet connection.
    • PayPal account to receive your pay.
  2. TryMyUI: have had thousands of websites usability tested. They boast AOL, CNN, Facebook and the New York Times amongst their clients.

    When I first visited TryMyUI I thought they might be inactive because their last Facebook and blog posts were dated July 2011.

    So I wrote to them. They responded within an hour saying they're definitely in business. I applaud them for their prompt response. :-)


    • $10 per accepted test feedback.
    • Accepts usability testers worldwide.


    • Create a sample usability video and provide a sample written usability summary answering some questions about your experience.
    • PayPal account to receive your pay.
  3. Userlytics: allow companies to test websites, desktop applications, mobile apps, ad creatives, online campaigns, TV commercials, videos, and prototypes with as many participants as they require.

    Userlytics records participants' facial expressions and spoken thoughts via their webcams, and their actions on their computer.


    • $10 per accepted test feedback.
    • Accepts usability testers worldwide.


    • Webcam, microphone, and Windows 7/XP/Vista or Mac OS X Leopard 10.6 or newer.
    • Speak and share your thoughts aloud during the usability test.
  4. User Intelligence: is an Australia based company that pays users for completing usability tests on websites.

    The usability tests typically take between 15 to 45 minutes to complete. They consist of:

    • a video recording of you using a client's website or application.
    • answers to a number of survey questions.
    • suggestions on how to improve the website.


    • Minimum of $15 AUD per test. Plus a further $5 bonus for some tests that have special requirements, such as needing to be completed within a short timeframe.
    • Accepts usability testers worldwide.


    • Windows PC or Mac computer.
    • USB or plug-in microphone.
    • DSL or faster broadband internet connection.
    • PayPal account to receive your pay.
  5. WhatUsersDo: is a UK based company that pays users to test websites, mobile websites and mobile apps.

    WhatUsersDo record users' screens and spoken thoughts as they complete a task. Most tests last between 15 and 20 minutes.

    WhatUsersDo's clients include Currys, Dixons, BT and B&Q.


    • Earn up to £8/€8/US$8 per test.
    • Accepts usability testers worldwide.


    • Broadband connection.
    • Windows PC or Mac computer.
    • Recent web browser.
    • Microphone (built-in or separate) or headset.
    • PayPal or UK bank account to receive your pay.
  6. Mob4Hire: pays you to test the usability of websites and applications on your mobile phone and tablet in countries and on networks developers can't test on.

    At the time of writing, Mob4Hire have 57,959 people, with 33,405 different mobile handsets, on 415 carriers, in 155 countries.


    • $20+ per test.
    • Accepts usability testers worldwide.


    • Active mobile phone connected to the internet to download the mobile apps you're testing.
    • PayPal account to receive your pay.
  7. StartUpLift: pay for ten feedback entries for each startup on a first come first served basis. Not every submission is awarded though. And startups have the right to reject poor quality submissions.

    The interesting thing about StartUpLift is that they display the client's website and users' feedback on the site. This makes it useful as a resource for developers to study.


    • Top 5 accepted submissions receive $5 each, while the remaining 5 receive $2 each.
    • Accepts usability testers worldwide.


    • You visit a website, complete assigned tasks, share your thoughts and provide insightful written responses.
    • PayPal account to receive your pay.

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